I am such a big girl!

Little Kiwi is not so little anymore. She is the "master" on top of the rocks.

So pretty..

How cool "Rock Agility" Woo Hoo!

I love "Zeal"!

The Honest Kitchen came out with a new product, with fish. And Kiwi loved it so much she tried to take the empty package from my hand. :)


Don't pet that other dog!!

Kiwi did not like her daddy paying attention to a visitor. So she jumped up on his recliner and pounced on his head!


Kiwi and the sheep!

We had a fun day playing with the sheep. Kiwi was like a kid at Disneyland!


I am so cute!

Kiwi at 11 weeks

She is now 10 1/2 lbs and is 12 inches at the withers. She is doing very well and will start her puppy classes soon.

The water dog

This little girl LOVES the water. I can't wait to get her in splash dog!

Kiwi and her favorite toy

Kiwi loves her racoon!

Kiwi and Dolly

Taking a break from play.


Kiwi minding her manners!

Kiwi has been learning to calm down and go to a sit before she eats ~ before she exits the expen and before she is allowed outside. I have not named this behavior with verbal command yet. She has learned very quickly that she must do something to get what she wants. She is so comical, she dances around, snaps in the air, runs around me. Then you can see her thinking.. and thinking.. then a moment of calm and sit.

Working on recall

We started Kiwi on restrained recalls ~ She did very well for her first try.


First time using a clicker

I was emptying the trash when Kiwi decided that the trash can lid was a toy. I seized the moment and started a game using the clicker. This training is done with non verbal Q's. I love these games with the babies, it allows me to learn how she is learning, what works ~ what does not.. It did not take Kiwi long to figure out what she needed to do to get a treat. You will notice mama Dolly watching her little Kiwi work. :)

Dolly and Kiwi

I am so thankful to have my female "Dolly". She has been a great stabilizer for Kiwi. Here they are playing in the back yard.


*Her Name*

For those of you that have asked about her name "Lakota" and "Kiwidinok" are native american words/names. Lakota means *dancer* in Sioux and kiwidinok is Cheyenne for *of the wind*. *Dancer Of The Wind*


Tzolkin Lakota Kiwidinok "Kiwi"

So I decided to get a Mudi -- I went to the Tzolkin Kennel in Squaw Valley California to see the Mudik. I fully intended to look at male pups, which I did, however much to my surprise a little girl has picked me. "Kiwi" as she will be called, showed all the qualities I was looking for in a performance dog. She will come to her new home on July 01 to learn obedience, agility, herding and dock diving. Stay tuned for our journey together.

Ahh rest..