*Her Name*

For those of you that have asked about her name "Lakota" and "Kiwidinok" are native american words/names. Lakota means *dancer* in Sioux and kiwidinok is Cheyenne for *of the wind*. *Dancer Of The Wind*


Tzolkin Lakota Kiwidinok "Kiwi"

So I decided to get a Mudi -- I went to the Tzolkin Kennel in Squaw Valley California to see the Mudik. I fully intended to look at male pups, which I did, however much to my surprise a little girl has picked me. "Kiwi" as she will be called, showed all the qualities I was looking for in a performance dog. She will come to her new home on July 01 to learn obedience, agility, herding and dock diving. Stay tuned for our journey together.

Ahh rest..